Well-known enterprises gathered in Shenzhen exhibition of gifts

According to incomplete statistics, in 2010, Shenzhen gifts enterprises more than 3000 employees exceeded 300,000, the annual output value of 44.67 billion yuanindustry exports $ 3.38 billion. In the domestic market, sales of its metal craft gifts, Christmas gifts, home crafts, gift table, electronic promotional gifts and other products of the first rank. 

     By means of geographic location and advanced information adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, from "three to fill a" to "independent innovation", Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has always been leading the trend of gifts, which not onlyspawned a large number of top manufacturers and vendors, but also to the relevant trading cooperation Shenzhen Gift Show has become the center of the country and the Asia-Pacific region. 

     October 20 to 23, "The 19th China (Shenzhen) International Toys & Gifts Fair"will be staged at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in addition to open nine exhibition halls, but also the first time the service is enabled on the second floor hall channel for fine display area, gathered more than 3,300 domestic and overseas companies and several kinds of new fashion gift. 

     Organizers Reed relevant responsible person said, Shenzhen in 2008 was named the China Light Industry Federation, "China craft gift industry base", formed from the creative design, manufacturing to sales settlement of a complete industrial chain, especially in field of handicrafts + technology, culture, crafts +innovation had an outstanding performance. 

     Renowned exhibitors from the Shenzhen local Coquimbo, has worked with the Wolong Giant Panda Base propaganda DAVID culture, access to exclusiveproduction rights torch metal model of the Olympic Games and so on, these achievements have benefited from its ability to develop innovative designers andtechnicians. Its relevant responsible person said, "R & D is added value to the product and brand plus, homogeneity and low out of the cycle;. Customization isto help customers solve problems, make the product and customer values coincide want to gift the Red Sea fore, human resources and culture is the coreconcept of the holy grail. "

     Under the guidance of a wave of independent innovation in Shenzhen, the Yangtze River Delta, Hercynian, the Bohai Sea and other economically developedareas gift companies are flourishing, Taishi Nanjing, Xiamen Yi Lan, Shanghairanking yet, Haibo goods, Beijing Yi Lin, Zhejiang 江洁丽 leading around ya,Shandong Gold number, Taiwan and other dry Tangxuan addition to practicinginternal strength, the two went to Shenzhen every year to capture the latest markettrends has become an important compulsory. 

     During the exhibition, the organizers will arrange Forum, expert lectures, TOP100 industry award, new conference, channel fairs and many other activitiesto facilitate the exhibitors and buyers what they want. With throughout Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and other cities PRD train, this Shenzhen Gift Show is expected to usher in a global audience of more than 130,000 buyers andvisitors.