Perfect Time to Go Whitewater Rafting on the Huangtengxia

Located in QingYuan city, Guangdong province,China, what is famous with water sports, which is rafting. It was the time with our colleague whitewater rafting for the first time. If you're a thrill-seeker it's the perfect time for a whitewater rafting trip. Today, the weather is great, also the moon same. All of us have 43 peoples are ready to challenge. The best part about whitewater rafting with your colleague.

One the way, I met a lot of falling and I close the eyes with screaming. I assistance with my patner to face every falling, labbering each other when we over through falling. This water sports is very impress and irritative. While we loved our trip, the whitewater experience might not be for everyone, particularly at high water levels. An hour later, we end up this sports.

Regarding this whitewater rafting, I summarize some tips to those want to rafting:

1.While reservations are best, calling ahead to get an idea about the water level allows you to tailor your experience and get the ideal amount of excitement.

2.It won't be a leisurely ride. Our group of young adults had achy legs, hips and shoulders the next day. Make sure you're ready to work for your fun.

3.Don't expect a casual float down the river. You're going to get wet.